All Accumulation Areas Matter!

We recently provided a list of the ten most common RCRA hazardous waste violations. More than half of the violations are cited at satellite accumulation areas (SAA’s) or locations where used oil and universal waste are accumulated. Both Large Quantity Generators (LQG’s) and Small Quantity Generators (SQG’s) of RCRA hazardous waste are required to conduct…

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Top Ten

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste violations most commonly cited during government compliance inspections: #10-Inadequate Contingency Plan  #9- Lack of Universal Waste label  #8- Lack of words “Hazardous Waste” on storage containers  #7- Containers in storage not dated  #6- Open Universal Waste containers #5 -Used oil containers not marked “Used Oil”  #4 -Inadequate…

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