Five Things You You Need To Know About the Generator Improvement Rule

The RCRA hazardous waste Generator Improvement Rule is on schedule to become effective in Indiana, December 2019. This rule includes some significant changes in hazardous waste regulations. Haz generators should be aware of the following highlights:

  • Hazardous waste containers must be marked in a way that indicates the hazards of the waste.
  • Large Quantity Generators (LQG’s) must modify their contingency plans.
  • Generators may be able to take advantage of provisions applicable to episodic generators (facilities that only generate hazardous waste once per year or in unforeseen circumstances) that would allow them to maintain a lower quantity status
  • Satellite containers must be marked with the words “Hazardous Waste”
  • The rule appears to require Small Quantity Generators (SQG’s) to post emergency information near each satellite accumulation area

Contact us for your free copy of a checklist that can help your facility transition to the new RCRA rule. Please let us know if you have questions, need additional information, or if we can assist you in the in any way.


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