Former IDEM Hazardous Waste Compliance Chief Joins NEI Team

John Crawford, who served as the Chief of the IDEM Hazardous Waste Compliance Section, is now part of the NEI team and serves as an Environmental Consultant. John spent 27 years with the IDEM hazardous waste compliance program and now assists NEI customers on RCRA hazardous waste management issues. As a consultant and contractor, John has provided services and completed projects for numerous Indiana facilities.   

At IDEM, John was an enforcement case manager and field inspector, and for 18 years served as a Section Chief in the hazardous waste compliance program. He supervised the statewide hazardous waste inspection program as well as conducting or reviewing thousands of hazardous waste inspections. He has extensive experience in recycling and other solid waste management projects.

John has an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Colorado, and a Masters of Public Administration in Environmental Policy from Indiana University, SPEA.

John is eager to provide solutions to your environmental needs. He is an expert in RCRA, DOT, compliance audits, contingency plan development, waste determinations, waste management plan development, recycling programs, zero-landfill initiatives. Call NEI today and take advantage of John’s expertise!

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