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Top Ten

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste violations most commonly cited during government compliance inspections: #10-Inadequate Contingency Plan  #9- Lack of Universal Waste label  #8- Lack of words “Hazardous Waste” on storage containers  #7- Containers in storage not dated  #6- Open Universal Waste containers #5 -Used oil containers not marked “Used Oil”  #4 -Inadequate…

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You’ve Got Waste

Every Facility Generates Waste It’s not a question of if your facility generates hazardous waste; it’s only a question of how much.  It is inevitable that a facility will generate a waste that is considered hazardous under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Here is a list of materials that may fall under that category:…

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Possible Changes by IDEM on Periodic Generation of Haz Waste

Currently, if a Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) or Small Quantity Generator (SQG) generates more than 2200 pounds of hazardous waste in any month, for any reason, they are subject to Large Quantity Generator (LQG) requirements. This can include a fee, personnel training, contingency plans, accumulation time and all other applicable LQG standards. Some generators…

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