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RCRA in Perspective

Large Quantity Generators (LQG’s) of RCRA hazardous waste are required to submit a biennial report every other year. The report includes data on waste types, amounts, management methods, etc. Here’s what the data tells us: On a national basis, hazardous waste generation has been fairly steady over the last 8 years at approximately 35 million…

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Top Ten

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste violations most commonly cited during government compliance inspections: #10-Inadequate Contingency Plan  #9- Lack of Universal Waste label  #8- Lack of words “Hazardous Waste” on storage containers  #7- Containers in storage not dated  #6- Open Universal Waste containers #5 -Used oil containers not marked “Used Oil”  #4 -Inadequate…

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Former IDEM Hazardous Waste Compliance Chief Joins NEI Team

John Crawford, who served as the Chief of the IDEM Hazardous Waste Compliance Section, is now part of the NEI team and serves as an Environmental Consultant. John spent 27 years with the IDEM hazardous waste compliance program and now assists NEI customers on RCRA hazardous waste management issues. As a consultant and contractor, John…

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