Why a Waste Management Plan Can Save You Time and Money

The purpose of a waste management plan is to describe responsibilities, policies, and procedures for the identification, handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

  • There is no regulatory requirement to have a document titled “waste management plan.” A waste management plan does, however, contain a great deal of information that is required by an assortment of regulations.
  • The advantage of a waste management plan is that it is all in one location which serves as a ready reference. This is very helpful particularly during the management of changes in personnel. An employee new to the site and or new to waste management responsibilities can consult the waste management plan as a centralized location for “all things waste management” at the site, rather than searching through a number of different paper files, binders, boxes, electronic folders, or that dreaded miscellaneous pile of papers on someone’s desk!
  • Examples of information that a waste management plan might contain:
  • Waste determinations
  • Waste management procedures
  • Waste shipping procedures
  • Waste minimization activities and opportunities
  • Emergency contact information
  • The content and format of the waste management plan can be modified to a site’s needs.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to a waste management plan.  The plan should be tailored specifically to be optimized for your site’s needs. 
  • A waste management plan can help drive cost savings. A waste management plan describes what kinds of waste and quantities are typically generated. Compiling this information makes the waste “visible.” Remember that old saying: “What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed.” Think about it. No one pays much attention to waste as long as it “goes away.” It is only when a problem develops and the waste doesn’t “go away” that people notice it! Drawing attention to waste before problems develop can help sites identify methods to reduce the amount of waste generated and thereby reduce waste disposal costs.

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