You’ve Got Waste


Every Facility Generates Waste

It’s not a question of if your facility generates hazardous waste; it’s only a question of how much.  It is inevitable that a facility will generate a waste that is considered hazardous under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Here is a list of materials that may fall under that category:

  • aerosol cans
  • fluorescent light bulbs
  • hand sanitizer
  • glass cleaner
  • some glues
  • some markers
  • brake cleaner
  • many cosmetics (including isopropyl alcohol, fingernail polish remover, many hair products)
  • electronics such as cell phones, computers, printers
  • batteries
  • soda syrup from soda dispensers
  • flavorings
  • pharmaceuticals/medicines
  • paints, roofing compounds, solvents, cleaners, sludge’s, dusts, filters, coatings, byproducts, etc.

It is important for a facility to understand which waste management regulations apply. You must assure that every waste is properly characterized and properly managed. We can provide expert consultation regarding current regulations. Avoid any violations….contact NEI…we can provide solutions for all your waste identification and management needs.

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